I’ve Moved! (again)

EDIT: It’s here! Hope you all enjoy!

Well surprise, surprise. Another semester, another apartment. I already mentioned that I would be moving in Week #16 and Week #17 but for those not regularly following me, the last place I rented was a flatshare and I was only subletting from a gal who was studying abroad a semester. She’s coming back soon which means I have to get out.

After an entire week of preparation, I have finally moved. I filmed the entire thing for a vlog and have edited through Day 3 as of writing this, but being that I am not quite finished with my move, I cannot finish the vlog that will be the meat and potatoes of this post. I thought I would still let everyone know what I was doing last week and then I think I will share this post again once my video is up. I won’t have internet until Tuesday or Wednesday (thanks for nothing DHL) so don’t go looking for anything until then probably.

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