Final? Check. Officially Free for Summer! (kinda)

Well I made it through another semester! Aside from one mishap in Risk Management, I think I managed alright. Let me recap this last week for you and share some of my plans for the near future.

School’s out for Summer!

While one of my classes concluded with a giant presentation last week, I still had one legitimate final left to complete durning the normal finals week. I think I did really well although the last question was worth a lot of points and was very difficult. I think I only managed to get a third of it correct so my score definitely suffered, but I know I got full marks for most of the other questions. I’m trying not to get my hopes up for my grade because I don’t want to suffer any disappointment but I really do think I did well.

Plan for my Blog

Since the majority of my summer will just be me working all day everyday, I’m not sure that I will be keeping up with my weekly-update style of posts. We will see if I end up doing enough interesting things to do a life update every week. I do however plan on taking a bunch of weekend trips around Germany which will definitely get their own individual posts. I’m really looking forward to those and I think you all will really enjoy them too.

The other plan for the summer is to post more “topic” posts. I have a bunch of half written posts in my account that I can finish up and publish during dry weeks. So if you have a topic about moving to Germany or my impressions on German culture, studying a whole program abroad or just what I think of Frankfurt, let me know. I also have some bigger posts in the works which will take a lot of time. I want to go back and document the adventures I took before I began this blog and I also have some other stories I want to tell including a bit of an insight as to who I am, where I’m from, and my life journey so far. I guess overall we will see how much time I have for writing this summer.

1 Year Anniversary


Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 1.55.19 PM
Crazy how time flies!

It has been one year since I started my blog which means that it has almost been one year since I moved to Germany. I knew this time would fly by but it has still managed to catch me off guard anyways. In this last year I have written 67 posts, taken 7 classes, lived in 2 (soon to be 3) flats, been to 2 new countries, and made countless memories. This is exactly what I was hoping for when I started this blog and adventure. I’ve extremely grateful to all of you who follow and support my journey. The fire is still strong and so I see this blog going for years still to come.

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