Plans for the Summer, Maybe? Idk yet.

Week sixteen was ok but a little stressful. I had one class finish up this week and finals will be next week. Luckily, the looming finals also means that summer is right around the corner. I’ll talk about my plans later in this post but for now let me account my week for you.

Class… Check!

We concluded the M&A Accounting with three days of class last week. Two of the days were comprised entirely of executive lectures. There were representatives from pwc, DHL, citibank, and more. The last day of our class was presentation day. The entire grade for the class comes from the presentation so it was definitely high stakes. I think our group did really great but I guess we will see what the professor thinks when our grades come out in a month or so.

New Flat (again)

If you remember back to the beginning of this semester, you will remember that I moved into the super cute and super cheep room of a shared flat in a far-out suburb of Frankfurt. Well, that was only a sublease through the middle of July which means that it was time to start searching for a new flat again.

I found my new flat pretty quickly and effortlessly, once again reenforcing my belief that it is not hard to find a flat in Frankfurt, everyone else is just inexperienced. My new flat is a studio (finally living alone!) in a neighborhood very close to the Frankfurt School new campus. For one month I will have a fun little commute but after we move it will be the closest I’ve live to school/work in a long time.

The only drawback to this flat is that it is a bit expensive but this is countered by a really nice landlord who speaks English, a beautiful view, the distance to campus, and the fact that the flat is furnished. I’ll be moving in early July and I’m thinking that I will do a flat tour once I’m settled in. Since I posted my Portugal Video I’ve really been wanting to do more videos on my YouTube channel so it might come in the form of a video… we’ll see.

That’s it for this last week. This post was prewritten because I am currently studying my butt off for my final on Tuesday. Once that exam is done (which the professor promises will be easy), I am free! Kinda. I will be staying in Frankfurt over the summer to work full time at my current position.

I am not unhappy with this arrangement for several reasons. I really do like my job and won’t be complain about doing twice as much of it for the next 2 months (I honestly could really use the time to get caught up on everything). Also, my new flat is significantly more expensive and a huge portion (like 70-80%) of my monthly income next semester so I really need to work all my hours over the summer to save for rent next semester.

Of course I would have loved to have an internship this summer but that didn’t happen and I’ve moved on to planning what I can do to be productive this summer. Of course I would love to go home but I can’t afford not to work over the summer let alone the ticket home. Hopefully I can put some hours in the bank and take a bigger trip or two this summer but I will definitely be taking weekend trips. There’s a lot of Germany I haven’t seen yet and this summer will be the perfect opportunity to explore it.

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