A Little Quiet

Hello everyone, It feels appropriate to announce this video in the form of a letter. Dare I say even a poetic letter? Can’t promise I’m any good at poetry. First and foremost, breathe. Unclench your jaw. Roll your shoulders. Do what feels good, just for a moment. Next, I’d like to talk just a bit: … More A Little Quiet

Did You Miss it?

If you aren’t already, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ve really been enjoying posting Weekly Vlogs over there and I even have a very special DIY video in the works right now. It’s pretty impressive if I do say so myself so make sure to follow me somewhere so that you don’t miss … More Did You Miss it?

What it’s REALLY like to Write your Master’s Thesis

I think a lot of people have some sort of preconception as to what it’s like to write a thesis or conduct some big research project. Whether it resembles reality is another question. While many may never get the opportunity (or wouldn’t ever want the opportunity cause let’s face it… it ain’t fun), and while … More What it’s REALLY like to Write your Master’s Thesis

I’ve Moved! (again)

EDIT: It’s here! Hope you all enjoy! Well surprise, surprise. Another semester, another apartment. I already mentioned that I would be moving in Week #16 and Week #17 but for those not regularly following me, the last place I rented was a flatshare and I was only subletting from a gal who was studying abroad a semester. She’s … More I’ve Moved! (again)