Back to Work; My third Semester at the Frankfurt School

If you are or have ever been a student then you know that, despite’s what the calendar may say, the last day of summer is the day before you head back to school. As we get older and older (and closer and closer to being done with school entirely), summer slowly gets consumed by work and trips and projects until it feels like there was hardly a break at all since you last sat down for finals.

While I definitely had a fantastic summer, am super grateful to have a job I really enjoy and to have gotten to see a bit more of the country I have been living in for the last year, there is no part of me that can say that this last summer was relaxing. Now that I’m sitting in class again, there’s this feeling that I’ve been running a marathon.

But enough about that, I’m sure you all came here wondering how my first week of classes went. Hectic I think is the word I would use to describe it if I’m being perfectly honest. But let me explain what happened…

Lot’s of Learning

Fountain in Goethe Campus
Unfortunately our new campus isn’t finished yet so we’re having classes at Goethe University. At least it’s pretty.

The third semester at Frankfurt School consists of the last of our core concentration modules, and later, an elective. Right now I am taking a Corporate Valuation class with a professor I had in my first semester (and liked) as well as a Financial Information and Decision Making course with an external professor from Holland who made a really good first impression on me.

Both courses seem like they will be challenging but doable and I already feel like I’ve learned more compared with other courses at FS. Both professors are much better than the average FS professor at keeping the class interested and engaged in the material despite the long hours we sit in the classroom. Overall I’m hopeful and my expectations for the semester are high.

Work Now…

Between the beginning of the new semester and the anticipated opening of the new campus, my desk has piled up with work. Usually there isn’t anything in particular to talk about but this week I had a project that was particularly interesting.

Main River at Night in Frankfurt
This river definitely grows on you.

On Wednesday, I had the entire day with two student actors to film a promo video for an initiative at the Frankfurt School. The entire project was basically my own and I really think it will turn out well. It was a bit exhausting running between the airport, dorms and tourist attractions all day but the end result will be totally worth it.

…Party Later

The other project I had at work this week was to document the Bachelor of Science’s orientation week which included a party on Friday. Working these events are pretty fun because once you’ve got the footage you need, you’re free to hang out with your coworkers and enjoy the night.

The week before last was my own personal kickoff to the semester. My department at work had a team building boat trip on Friday which was so much fun! I was really great to get to know my coworkers better and I’ll be really sad to leave this job come January. After the boat trip we wandered down to a lounge and ended the night with some falafel.

The next day, a friend of mine, AlisaJordanWrites invited me to the big Museumsuferfest party held by the city of Frankfurt on the Main river. There were tones of stages playing all sorts of music and lots of food and drinks. It was pretty fun but very crowded. Eventually we made our way out of the crowd to a lounge where we could relax a bit.

A booth with some fresh smoked salmon at the Museumsuferfest.

Girls Night = Taco Night

To commemorate a successful first week of classes, we decided to have another girls night. This time I hosted so that I could show off my beautiful new apartment and I made the girls some authentic American-style tacos. I think they went over well and the whole night was so much fun being full of wine and gossip.

By the way…

My school almost blew up this week! Long story short, they found a WWII bomb during some construction this last week. They evacuated around 60,000 people in a radius around the bomb which included the new campus, dorms and Goethe campus. Luckily, they were able to defuse the bomb. Good thing too! I don’t know what we would have done if both our campus and our backup got blow up.

Anyways, sorry for the sheer length of this post. Like I said, the week was a bit hectic with lots going on which meant lots to write about. But I survived like I’m sure I will survive the rest of this crazy semester. To all my fellow students, good luck with the new school year! Wish me luck as well!

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  1. FS is keeping you busy! Nice post and thanks for the mention 🙂


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