3, 2, 1 – Liftoff

I cannot believe this day is finally here. I have been planning and planning this trip for so long and for it now to finally be here – to be leaving America in just a few hours; it’s unreal.

I am so emotional right now. I cannot decide if I am happy or sad; excited or nervous. It’s a very confusing mix of all the emotions just swirling around right now. Many tears have been shed and many more are to come. Before I get too sappy, I wanted to share what I am doing with my luggage.

Long story short, I saved money by checking another bag rather than shipping my winter items. Price quotes for a 20 pound package varied from $95 on the low end to $275 on the high end (I’m looking at you Fedex). Comparing this to the $95 charge to add another 50 pound bag and the decision was pretty clear. Also a huge factor in my decision was a phone call to a manager at the airport who was familiar with my airlines policies. She said that they are indeed VERY strict about baggage and that my backpack I had been planning to take as a personal item would likely be “too big” and be forced to become my carry-on. This meant that my former carry-on would then be taken from me and become a checked bag where I would have to pay the $95 anyways. It made more sense to me to volunteer for this option rather than have it forced on me; this way I could make the most of my situation and weight disbursements.

This is the final product minus a laptop and luggage scale.

The other thing I would like to mention is a tip for keeping cosmetics safe through the rough-handling of a checked bag. Cotton rounds & tissue paper! Any powder items with space between the pan and lid needs to get packed solid with either a cotton round or tissue paper. This cushions the product from shock damage that could break the product. I have had enormous success with this method and swear by it to keep my expensive make up collection safe. Case and point below.

Anyways, that is all for the details of my packing. Since my last post I have made my way closer to the airport by staying at my aunt’s house. I crossed off a long list of foods I wanted to eat before I left and got my new iPhone. (I love the phone by the way.) Lots of visiting was has by all and I had my last phone call with my dad for a while.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and I have so many people to thank. I don’t even know how to begin to put into words how I feel and how much I appreciate everyone’s help and support. I love everyone so much and it truly hurts to be leaving everyone for so long. I hope to be able to stay in contact with everyone and the main facilitator of that will be though this blog. So long friends! Hello Germany!


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  1. Putting the cotton rounds in is such a good idea! I’m gonna have to do that when I travel! Could you also check out my most recent blog post too? Thanks for your time!


    1. Glad to help and of course I’ll check out your blog.

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