I’m Moving to Italy!

I’ve been hinting at this huge news for the last couple weeks and if you follow me on any of my social media you probably already know this, but I’m moving to Italy in February! Why you might ask? Just like my previous hop across the world, the answer is education.

I have secured a position in Bocconi University as a free mover. I had applied for an exchange position there last spring but there were 20-something people vying for 3 positions so I didn’t put all of my eggs in that basket. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t get one of the exchange positions but after some careful deliberation and number-crunching, I decided to apply as a free mover and go anyways.

Earlier this month, I went online, filled out my application and paid my registration fee. Following that, I can now safely say that, come February, I will be sitting in a classroom in Milan. As of writing this post, I have already secured housing and found a hell of a deal on my flight during some Black Friday sales.

My housing definitely has pro’s and con’s. The biggest pro’s are also what I would consider to be the most important factors for me; price and location. I got very lucky especially for Milan’s market and ended up with a ridiculously low, flat-rate rent near my campus. The trade-off is that I will be living with four girls in a dorm-like arrangement and with only one bathroom.

To look on the bright side, my future roommates are Italians that I assume speak some level of English so hopefully I will get a very immersive experience, learn the language a bit and make some good friends while I’m there.

So now you know what’s coming up in my life. I really want to do more posts about moving and packing considering this will be my second time moving to a new country, so keep an eye out for that. Finally, I’d also like to vlog my actual moving day or the entire process of moving but we’ll see how crazy things get. Either way, I’m very excited to share this experience with you all.

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