Two Weeks; My Thoughts

I had big plans scheduled for todays post but when it came time to put fingers to the keyboard, I just couldn’t find the right words. The truth is that I’m getting incredibly sentimental. Perhaps you had already gleaned that from my last Food is Good post where I professed my love for McDonalds and other foods … More Two Weeks; My Thoughts

My Luggage

You’ve seen what I’m going to pack, now I thought it was time to show you what exactly I’m going to pack it in. I’ve used each of these pieces enough to give you a pretty thorough review. I’ve you are in the market or just curious about what I’m using, read on! I own the Fallbrook, … More My Luggage

Ripping DVD’s

Note: Sorry for my week-long absence. Life got busy and I didn’t get a chance to write any posts ahead of time. They should continue on schedule from here on out.  If you are anything like me, you prefer to own your most beloved movies on DVD or BluRay and everything else as a digital copy … More Ripping DVD’s

Stock Up

As the final installment for my Week of Packing Prep I’m going to explain what and why I will purchasing in the USA and taking with me in my suitcase to Germany. It may be surprising to some, but even though Europe is very similar to the US, there are many cultural differences that reflect back on … More Stock Up

My Backpacking Kit

So last summer, I took 10 days and backpacked solo across Scandinavia. It was an incredible experience and ever since I’ve been itching to get back on the road to discover new places. As always, I did plenty of research before that trip to find out what all I might need. However, I was on a limited … More My Backpacking Kit

Preparing Prescriptions for Cross-Boarder Travel

Meds. Everybody’s got ’em. The problem is, every country regulates them differently. This creates the need for some serious planning and strategizing, which is why I thought the topic needed it’s own post aside from the references in My First Aid Kit and Travel Documents posts. How you plan greatly varies based on the duration and location of your visit. Being that … More Preparing Prescriptions for Cross-Boarder Travel