6 Things you Might Forget to Pack for your Trip

We’ve all been there. Halfway to our exciting destination and the sinking feeling that you forgot something suddenly comes to an epiphany when you realize you left something super important at home. Even worse! You are in the middle of your trip, digging through your bag for something until you finally come to terms with … More 6 Things you Might Forget to Pack for your Trip

Makeup Organization

Anyone who knows me know that I am slightly makeup obsessed. Trying new products, new looks, and watching endless hours of YouTube tutorials and hauls is a good time in my books. Only one problem, makeup is heavy and I have a lot of it. There’s no reason to leave all but the necessities at … More Makeup Organization

My Luggage

You’ve seen what I’m going to pack, now I thought it was time to show you what exactly I’m going to pack it in. I’ve used each of these pieces enough to give you a pretty thorough review. I’ve you are in the market or just curious about what I’m using, read on! I own the Fallbrook, … More My Luggage