Road Trip to Grandma’s House

Since my last post I have made a lot of progress towards my quest to Deutschland; here is my latest update on life.

My last moments at home.

My orders at Amazon, and eBay came in all at once so I thought that I would share my deals with you all. (Pictured below from left to right.) I replaced my old pair of dress pants with a modern, slim fit, ankle length pant from JC Penny. Next is a rain jacket shell by Columbia that I purchased off of eBay for a pretty good price. Obviously the dominating feature of the photo are the four boxes of tampons. They were SO cheep on and I highly recommend ladies to check this deal out. Next is a new phone case for the phone I will be purchasing in a couple of days. Next to that, the little silver blip is a new USB to USB-C flash drive. In the top right corner is my plug in USB adaptor. It has a variety of different country adaptors and really great reviews so it should suit me for years of travel. Below that is a set of tempered glass screen covers, again for my new phone. Finally, pictured are two sticks of my favorite deodorant that I wanted to stock up on for my trip (also from

A quick pic of my last minute shopping.

The next event in my busy couple of days was the stressful event of packing. As a reminder, I am allotted a 23 kg suitcase, a 6 kg carry-on, and a personal item. Long story short, I am having trouble keeping with my weight restrictions. The 6 kg carry-on requirement is killing me! That bag hardly has anything in it. My decision now is between paying $130 in overages to be able to take everything or leaving some important things at home to ship at the expensive shipping rate.

Before I had time to figure out my luggage situation it was time to start making my way across the state to the airport and to visit with family before I take off. My mom and I decided to take the scenic route and visit Multnomah Falls near Corbett, OR. It was beautiful and a great way to get in some quality mother-daughter time in before I leave.

Mom and I at the bottom of the falls.

I am now at my grandma’s house where we had a family picnic and some family photos the past couple of days. My mom and I will probably move onwards to my aunt’s house today which is significantly closer to the airport. There I will run some last minute errands and make my final decision on my packing list. With just two days left until take off, I had better start finalizing things and letting you all know what exactly my final strategy is and how I pack for it. Wish me luck!

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