Packing for Italy; my First Ever Livestream

If you didn’t already know, I booked a two week backpacking trip around Italy departing the day after my last exam (fingers crossed I don’t have to do any retakes). If I was going to be living in Italy for the last 5 months, I figured I had better take the time to see the country now or forever hold my peace.

Every time I get to packing for a trip, I want to make a video. The problem is that I end up packing the night before I leave which would mean I’d have to edit the video while I’m in my destination and attempt to post it on questionable WiFi.

I thought the perfect solution to that would be a livestream where I don’t have to edit a video but you don’t have to read a boring blog post. (If reading is more your thing, my Packing for Portugal post has a lot of the same things in it, so you can check that out if you want.)

So, I hereby present to you, my livestream, if you haven’t already seen it… which you should have if you were subscribed to my YouTube channel. You’re not? What are you doing? Click the subscribe button now so you don’t have to wait the days it takes for me to fit my videos into my posting schedule here. Ok. Rant over. Enjoy and apologies about the quality as I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of the whole streaming thing.

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