Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holidays filled with love, laughter and some good food.

I was fortunate to get to come home for Christmas and am writing this post from my parents comfy recliner in front of our Christmas tree. In a few days I will hop back on an airplane and head back to the real world (AKA work, bills and other adulting responsibilities).

I managed to steal a rolling duffle bag from my parents and am taking as much of my crafting supplies and decorations (and of course, presents) from my parents house as will fit in the two suitcases. It’s not much but it’s definitely better than the bare minimum I was able to bring in my little car when I moved down to Utah in October. Even just a couple odds and ends and souvenirs will go a long way towards making my empty apartment feel more like home, and it will be extra nice not to have to buy crafting supplies that I know I already own a few states away.

While we’re talking about presents, I guess it as good a time as any to share a small tip for anyone doing something similar as I did. Let your family know you will be flying for the holidays and tell them to mail anything big or heavy or not airline safe to your apartment and the small stuff to wherever you’ll be for the holidays. That way you still get to open something on Christmas but will not waste valuable suitcase space coming home.

I know my blog and YouTube channel have taken a bit of the back burner as of late. I have tons of ideas but no time in the foreseeable future to execute them. I think that January will be just as bad but come February you should keep an eye out. In fact, you should make sure to follow my blog either here or on your favorite social media… that way you won’t miss out when I make my big (re)debut. If I’d have to make a suggestion, I’d say to follow me on Instagram because I have been better with it than anywhere else.

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and happy new year.

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