I’m a Award Winning Video Editor Now (jk, but not really)

Since I had no classes this last week, there was a lot more room for fun. Unfortunately, there was also a holiday on Thursday so I had to juggle hours around at work. That coupled with the event I had to work on Wednesday meant that I got hella hours clocked in last week. That’s fine with me because it means that I’ll have more time to prepare for my final exam at the end of the month. But enough of me rambling about work, lets get into the exciting events of the past week.

I won #GoBackpack

You know that little video I made of my trip to Portugal? Well, it was actually a submission to a contest Jack Wolfskin is holding. They have you purchase an item and then make a video of your adventure featuring the item and their #GoBackpack flag. If you win they reimburse you for the cost of the item. Pretty cool right?

Well, they liked my video which means that my new jacket is free! Hallelujah! That was the most money I had ever spent on an article of clothing and I was really worried that I wouldn’t win and that I’d feel guilty about entering the contest. But I did so alles gut (everything’s ok). I hope they run this competition again next year. By then I will hopefully have a nice camera and a whole year of video editing experience under my belt and I can really knock their socks off.

House Cooling Party

As I mentioned before, I had to work an event on Wednesday. It was our last party at the old campus since we will be moving into our new campus over the summer. It was pretty fun and they even had a mechanical bull on site (you know, cause FS Bulls). Seeing some of our older professors and faculty hanging on for dear life was hilarious. Don’t worry, for all those who couldn’t attend, I’ve got a video in the works so stay tuned!

Girls Night

The next night a handful of MoF girls decided to have a girls night. We made Chinese dumplings, had some wine, watched the movie Hidden Figures, and of course gossiped. It was so much fun we decided that we need to do it again before everyone leaves for summer break.

Next week will be pretty busy as we have a huge group presentation to finish and three days of lecture. After that, we have finals and then we’re all free for the summer!

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