Just Checking in; Semester Three of my MoF

So we’re about two thirds of the way through this quarter but I don’t think I’ve really shared much about how it’s going. However, this last week there was a great day for vlogging which I took full advantage of, so I thought I would give you all a little update. Enjoy!

Overall, this semester has just been too boring to blog about. I go to class, I learn, I feel overwhelmed, I go home, I study, and repeat. That’s basically been my life for the last couple of months. Not really great content for a weekly update but I definitely wanted to check in before finals week.

So in case you missed my first post, I am currently taking two classes, Corporate Valuation and Financial Information and Decision Making. Both classes are very difficult although both classes have really great professors. I am struggling more with the Corporate Valuation course but we will see when it comes time for exams which class ends up actually being harder.

In a couple of weeks we have a big Advisory Project block week which will be very interesting. Basically we will be consulting real firms who have come to us with real problems (no pressure). I’m sure I will update you all after that week.

So that’s basically it. Work, study, repeat. Isn’t the life of a student so exciting?

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