One Class Down, One to Go

Not much happened this last week which meant that I had plenty of time to get some little errands done and enjoy the sun. I also managed to get soaking wet during a surprise thunderstorm but I guess that’s the price we pay for spring/summer in Germany.

1 Class Down, 1 to Go

Basically the only thing worth noting is that one of my classes, Restructuring and Strategic Management Control, finish lectures for the semester. We still have our exam in a couple of weeks but the actual classes are over.

Overall the class was pretty great. We had a ton of guest lectures which were the envy of the other concentrations. I think that we got a lot out of them, and at the very least, made some valuable corporate connections. Aside from the executive talks, the class was also fairly evenly split between normal lectures, in class exercises, group presentations, and simulations/games. This was essential because most days we had the class for 5 hours and some days we had it for 9. The variety within the lecture really made the class interesting and I really appreciate our professor for thinking of us when designing the course structure.

The Daily Grind

Work has been fine. With my boss on paternity leave I’m enjoying an unprecedented level of autonomy which I enjoy. I had a scare last week thinking I had to film an event and that I needed an assistant (which I couldn’t find) but it turns out I had the dates confused. The event is actually next week (and I already have an assistant lined up). Crisis averted.

That’s it for last week. Next week is going to be interesting because I don’t have any classes scheduled. I have a group project to do, an exam to study for, and of course, work but I also think that I might be able to squeeze something fun in as well. I guess we will see and I’ll keep you all updated next Sunday.

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