Chill Start to the Semester 2.5

In case you were wondering what happened to Week #10, that was my Spring Break in Portugal week. While I was off having fun, many of my peer were sitting in class. For some reason my concentration didn’t start until two weeks after finals week so I took the opportunity to travel. For the sake of continuity though, I thought I’d call this week #11 instead of #10 so it matches the school’s record and not my own, personal perception of time.

New Classes

So the second half of the semester came with a new set of classes. I have Restructuring and Strategic Management Control as well as Merger & Acquisition Accounting. Both of these classes are the first from my Financial Accounting and Advisory concentration and will run until summer break at the end of June.

Our schedule is set up in blocks with about 4 of the same class over the course of 2 days. In general, we switch classes every other week which means that I have yet to experience my M&A Accounting class yet.

Restructuring & SMC (as I like to abbreviate it) is good so far. It’s a lot more management and less finance focused which I appreciate. The professor invites a guest lecturer almost every day which has turned out to be very beneficial. This week we had a firm come in and work a case study with us and another firm spoke to us about Turnaround Management which I really enjoyed.

Keepin’ Busy

Aside from class I have been mostly working. My boss is leaving for paternity leave so we’ve spent a lot of time getting things ready for when he’s gone. I’ll get to do a couple of projects totally on my own while he’s away which will be fun.  I’ve also been working on my video from Portugal in my spare time which should be out soon.

It’s Been Too Long

I finally found my way back to the animal shelter this last weekend! It’d been far too long. So much has changed since I was there last. They have gotten rid of all the baby bunnies that were there on my last visit. This time around, the animals that stole my heart included a little family of Degus, a playful ferret, a baby chinchilla, a little dwarf hamster, a momma mouse and her single baby, a finicky Cockatiel, and a gorgeous corn snake. I think it’s safe to say that I would take all the animals home with me if I could.

Look at how cute he is!

Speaking of animal shelters… I have applied to volunteer at an animal shelter in Thailand this summer! I submitted my application last week so I will let you know when I hear back but I’m very excited. The shelter is called Lanta Animal Welfare and it’s a bit more of a spay and neuter clinic than a traditional shelter but they do really great things for the community and I’m happy to help out if they pick me. Fingers crossed.

Walk Through the Park

Sunday my friend Elisa came out to Fechenheim to see the suburb and walk the beautiful bike path near my house. It was nice to get some exercise and visit before classes get busy again. Fechenheim is highly underrated in my opinion too. It’s such a nice little part of Frankfurt. It’s quite, quaint, has lots of trees and nature, and overall is a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sculpture in downtown Fechenheim.

That’s it for the week. The weather is finally turning warm and dry (again) so a lot more local adventures will likely be happening soon. I really should visit my friend from Darmstadt soon and I need to get back to Kassel to see the park and fountains since last time I went the whole park was buried in snow. Until next week, bye!

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