Tests, Tests, & more Tests

So this post is a couple days early because tomorrow I will be hopping on a plane to Portugal! I thought I would give a (very quick) summary of this week like always. Stay tuned though because I will be posting a packing guide tomorrow and next week I will be able to share my adventures with you!


So if you didn’t already know, the second semester of my Master of Finance program is cut in half. We had 3 classes the first half, Risk Management, Corporate Finance, and Financial Markets and Institutions. All three had finals this last week however, unlike last semester, all three classes had some points already earned from group projects or homework.  This was nice because it alleviated some of the pressure of taking a test that determines your entire grade.

I think I did ok in each of my tests although I really didn’t study. If you read my post from last week then you know that that was all part of the plan. It turns out my plan worked out pretty well because I am almost completely certain that I passed all of my classes. If I guessed what scores I got correctly, then I didn’t even do too bad in the class even though my test scores are sure to be terrible.

After our last exam some friends decided to go out for pizza and we ended up just chatting for a while. I was supposed to go back to work but I was just too tired. It was nice to just relax for a moment without the “you should be studying right now” weight hanging over me.

New Camera

The only other interesting thing that happened last week is that I broke down and bought an action camera as an impulse decision. I am still waiting for the special SD card to arrive in the mail (hopefully it gets here before I leave for my trip) so I haven’t been able to properly test it out but it has very good reviews.

Of course I will be taking it with me to Portugal and I will be making a video of my trip. I will be using this video to enter a contest so hopefully my camera turns out to be good! Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Fingers crossed!

PS: I will let you all know what camera I bought (and maybe write a review) once I decide if I like it or not.

Edit: The camera was garbage and corrupted all the footage it took! I returned it.

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