Twitch-be-Gone (I went to the Doctor)

Week 12 was pretty boring but for the spirit of consistency I will still make my weekly post (albeit a tad bit late).


I had my second class, M&A Accounting, finally (three weeks into the new semester). The class is pretty good and the professor is extremely nice and enthusiastic about this topic. The class is basically graded entirely on one presentation which obviously means that it’s a mammoth of a project. I got put with some super knowledgeable groupmates so I’m very optimistic about the quality of work we will submit.

Keepin’ Busy

Other than that, life carried on as usual. Work is busy as my boss is expecting to have his baby any day now and I have basically already made up the hours I lost taking a week off for Portugal. I’ve also been sending out piles of applications for summer internships. The African Development Bank internship program was indefinitely postponed but randomly came back available this month without warning. I hope that that narrowed down my competition a bit but it’s such a desirable program that I doubt it.

Doctor Visit

I had a bit of a health problem the last couple of weeks but I had my final appointment last week that cleared everything up. I had been having muscle spasms, most prominently in my left eye for the past 3 months or so which were driving me crazy. Turns out it was a vitamin B12 deficiency (likely from a lack of meat in my diet). I was also a bit low on vitamin D since I have basically been living my life at a desk the last year. After a couple weeks on vitamin supplements my symptoms have basically gone away. Yay!

That’s all for now. Next week is scheduled to be much more exciting so keep an eye out for that. Until next time, tschüss!

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