(Re)Visiting Darmstadt

This week turned out to be a bit lazy but I still have some fun stuff to share with you all.


On Monday I went to visit my friend from Darmstadt. It was so good to see her after having not seen her for over a year. We went for coffee, ran a few errands, and then they cooked some dinner and we talked over drinks.

A photo I took last year of Darmstadt.

It’s so nice to have friends that you can go months or years without seeing and be able to just pick up the friendship like no time has passed. I’m lucky to have a few of them scattered around the world and it’s so comforting knowing that no matter where I am, I’m only a few hours away from a friend.


I cannot believe that some of my classes are already drawing to a close. On Thursday, during class our professor reminded us that the next class we have with him will be our last and that we have finished covering the material for the semester. What?!

With about a month left until our exams, it feels weird to be finished with the material already. Also, that professor is by far my favorite from this semester so it’s sad to know that we won’t have any more classes with him.

A pretty crappy photo I took of the Supermoon.

Christmas Party

The season of Christmas parties has begun; rather early too, if I might add. This was less of a party and more of a fun dinner for all the volunteers at the Animal Shelter. We went to a China Buffet type restaurant which was interesting. In the US, China Buffet used to be a really cheep meal and although the prices have gone up, I still think it’s a decent value.

In Germany, my buffet ticket and drink combined was the most expensive meal I have paid for so far. The food was good but Asian food in general is very cheep so it didn’t feel like a very good value. Despite the prices, the evening was great and it was nice to get to know some of the other volunteers better since we don’t seem to talk to each other much when we are working.

Speaking of Christmas, my mom sent me out to buy my first Christmas present from her.

Next week looks like a lot of my classes will be wrapping up and beginning our exam preparations. I’m going to guess that that means my blog update next week will be pretty boring but you never know! One thing I have been loving about this experience is the spontaneity that being in a city affords.


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