A Little Quiet

Hello everyone,

It feels appropriate to announce this video in the form of a letter. Dare I say even a poetic letter?
Can’t promise I’m any good at poetry.

First and foremost, breathe. Unclench your jaw. Roll your shoulders. Do what feels good, just for a moment.

Next, I’d like to talk just a bit:

I’ve been having a lot of job related stress the last year or so, coming to a peak the last couple of months. I’ve been incredibly lucky with the pandemic – COVID affected my family and I very little…

     …but life continues to evolve,

the world continues to progress,

and so the regular stresses of life have to set in
e v e n t u a l l y.

Usually (and I assume most editors can attest to this) you come to hate a video (or at least be a little sick of it) by the time it’s finished. But this video was a joy through and through. I felt so calm creating it and I hope that it can bring you a little calm – a little quiet – when you watch it.

This video is special to me.

I hope it feels special to you.



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