Neuschwanstein Castle: The Honest Truth About Germany’s Most Famous Castle

If you have ever looked up photos of Bavaria or even Germany in general you have probably see a mammoth of a grey castle settled among the German Alps looking over a picturesque valley. Every review I saw of both the castle itself and tours of the surrounding area were glowing. It’s like the castle … More Neuschwanstein Castle: The Honest Truth About Germany’s Most Famous Castle

Lazy Week in Berlin

After a hectic semester immediately followed by running around the country, holidays, and adventure, it was very nice to take a breather in Berlin, staying at my former host mother, Vera’s house. I got there on New Years Eve (which I wrote a separate post about) and after that crazy night, I’ve mostly been taking … More Lazy Week in Berlin

New Years in Berlin!

On New Years Eve I hopped on a train at an ungodly hour to go to the second largest New Years celebrations in Europe. They say that the party in the 2 km stretch between the Brandenburger Tor and Victory Column hosted over a million people last year and the firework and laser shows the city hosts … More New Years in Berlin!

Adventures in Bremen

In case you didn’t see from my last couple of posts, I’m in Bremen! I caught an insanely early train on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas with my friend Ivana and her family. I spent the full week after Christmas at their house, had tons of fun, and tried lots of new food. Keep scrolling for details! … More Adventures in Bremen