Munich: The Most Hyped City in Germany

So I finally got tired of all the jaw drops from people when they found out I hadn’t been to Munich yet after living in Germany for a whole year. I really didn’t know what the fuss was about, after all, there are so many beautiful cities in Germany. After finding out that I basically had a whole month of vacation to take, I decided it was time to see the country which has so graciously hosted me, starting with the city that so many have raved about.

Seeing all the Sights

I spent my first day in true backpacker fashion, with my life on my back and blisters on my feet. I wandered around the city the whole day, starting at the Hauptbahnhof (Central Train Station) and ending at the English Gardens. I walked by the old Botanical Gardens, Karlsplatz with its Vegas-inspired water fountain, and then down one of the many big shopping streets. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that Munich is definitely the place to get your shopping done in Germany.

Bavarian State Chancellery
We will rise again! (If my German is correct.)

Next I took a peek at St. Michael’s and Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) and made my way down to Marienplatz just in time to catch the 12:00 Glockenspiel show. After that I wandered among the beautiful streets, stopping at one of the many fountains here and there to cool off. Eventually I ended up at Odeonsplatz where I had lunch and then headed into the Hofgarten.

The Bayerische Staatskanzlei (Bavarian State Chancellery) was an unexpected backdrop to the old feel of the gardens. From there I made my way over to the English Gardens where I had loads of fun watching the surfers (yes you heard me right, they surf on some man-made rapids in the river that flows through the garden).

Bavarian National Museum
Beautiful Bavarian National Museum

Touring Royalty

The next day was spent on the bus, exploring castles and hiking mountains. I made an entire post dedicated to the experience of my bus tour of Linderhof, Oberammergau and the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. If you want to hear how that went, check it out here.

Naps and Good Conversation

After sleeping in just a little, I spend my third day in Bavaria seeing the Deutsche Museum, Viktualien Market, and Maximilianeum. I also took a nice little nap in traditional Munich fashion out in one of the many green patches within the city.

I ended the day at a burger joint where I met a fellow American and his Bavarian buddy. We talked for a while and shared a few laughs. It’s always fun to meet new people while you’re traveling because you learn the most random things and there’s no pressure to try and be diplomatic since you’ll likely never see them again. You can really open up and be yourself; if they like you, fine, if they don’t, move along.

Munich from St. Peter's Church
Munich from St. Peter’s Church

Some Details

In terms of the nitty-gritty, I stayed in the Youth Hostel which was nothing fancy but served its purpose. The guests were very international (if not a bit young, haha) and the showers were nice and private. For transportation, I used the Stripe Card which I’m not entirely sure I did right but I never got checked so I guess I’ll never know. Basically it was  €10.50 for 10 stripes or 5 rides within the intercity.

So. Many. Stairs.

My last day in München was spent seeing the last couple of sights that I somehow missed before including walking all 299 steps up to the top of St. Peter’s Church for a spectacular view over the city rooftops. My last day was also Sunday which meant free/reduced museum fare so I also went to the Bavarian Museum which wasn’t the most English friendly museum but pretty good regardless. I passed by Kings Plaza as I made my way to the Central Bus Station where (after about an hours delay) I left the beautiful city in search of my next destination.

If you’re following me on social media (links below) then you already know where I went next. If not, then I guess you will have to wait until my next post to find out what beautiful city I went to next. Either way, I hope you join me on my travels over the next couple of weeks.

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