Stunning Festival of Lights in Berlin

What a fun and busy week. This is what I signed up for when I moved to Europe.

Botanical Gardens

I originally thought that this week would be very boring so I decided to spend a day in the Frankfurt Palmengarten. It was very nice and I got many beautiful photos. It’s rather small compared to the gardens in Berlin but the price was fair (especially for a student ticket). I think that gardens are one of those things that only certain people enjoy and for others it can be quite boring. I enjoyed the nice stroll and the weather, for the most part, cooperated.

Beautiful flowers in the Palmengarten.

Festival of Lights

I noticed advertisements for this event on Twitter, texted my former host mom in Berlin and booked my bus ticket in a matter of a day or two. On Tuesday I hopped on the 7+ hour bus to Berlin and by Tuesday night I was staring in awe at the beautiful Brandenburger Tor.

The Brandenburger Tor all lit up.

Wednesday night my host mom and I spent the night seeing all of the major stops. It was very cold and honestly everything pales in comparison to the Brandenburger Tor but still very worth it. I would highly recommend this festival to anyone near Berlin and seeing that the attraction is very young, it will only get better in future years.

The Berliner Dom was beautiful.

Animal Shelter

As you probably have noticed, I’ve been spending a lot more time at the Frankfurt animal shelter. I have learned to completely take care of all the rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. There are two birds and three bunnies that have a special place in my heart and helping them makes all the early mornings completely worth it.

This is my most special buddy giving me a kiss.

Night Out

What is a Saturday night without libations and debauchery? A group of friends went to see Inferno in a theater that actually plays original versions. It was pretty good but probably not worth the theater price (wait for it to hit Redbox). Afterwards, I joined another group of friends for a house party. The stupid thing about Frankfurt is that half of the public transit shuts down at about 1:30 am so if you are out at night you either have to call it quits early or commit to being out all night. I finally figured out how to use the night bus system so I no longer have such an ultimatum. Cue the Iron Man reference below.

And that’s it. That was my week. As you can see, school was basically a non-factor which is how I like it. Look out for next weeks post in just a couple of days.


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