My Troubled Relationship with the German Language

Now that I have officially left Germany, I think it’s probably the appropriate time to share some of my final thoughts and impressions of the country, starting first with their language. Why German? In terms of American exposures to foreign languages, my relationship with German is relatively extensive. I began studying it when I transferred … More My Troubled Relationship with the German Language

Busy Week; Module Waivers, Meetings & Bunnies!

Late again. SMH. When will I learn? Anyways, I’m breaking this weeks post down by subject instead of days of the week. Hope ya’ll like it that way. Skippin’ Classes The first major event of week 4 was my Module Recognition Waiver getting approved. Although I had applied to skip all five of the introductory classes, I … More Busy Week; Module Waivers, Meetings & Bunnies!

Packing List

By now I’m sure you are all wondering exactly what I’m planning on taking with me to school in Frankfurt. I thought I would post my complete packing list now then update you all when I weigh in to let you know the revised list. I started this list months ago because I knew fitting my … More Packing List

American Patriotism Abroad; Happy 4th of July!

–Just a quick note: Please consider skipping personal fireworks to save stress to pets, wildlife and prevent wildfires. Thanks!– There aren’t many holidays more patriotic than the 4th of July, and it will be the last holiday I spend in the United States for a long time. From my experience last year, a good portion … More American Patriotism Abroad; Happy 4th of July!

My First Aid Kit

Undoubtedly one of the most fundamental and important things to pack for any trip is a first aid kit. Your destination and duration will determine what exactly that entails. For my trip, I want to pack the kitchen sink for a couple reasons. Firstly, I will be gone for two years without any foreseeable trips home and … More My First Aid Kit