Jewelry Organization

I never seem to remember to wear jewelry. I used to be the “Queen of Accessorizing” so said my mom in high school, but as of late, I just can’t seem to remember that last step before I run out the door. Knowing that, one might wonder why I would even bother wasting space and weight on it? There are several reasons behind my decision making.

1.) I will be attending a prestigious, private university and have a hunch that most other students will be far better off financially than myself. I have been assured that there is no dress code but I can bet that no one will be showing up to class in sweatpants or leggings.

2.) In two years when I graduate, I will certainly be expected to dress professionally. Making these habits and building a functional wardrobe in general will help make this transition easier.

3.) I was so much more productive and thoughtful in my everyday life in Berlin last summer. I don’t know why, but something about the way of life in Germany lead to more time to plan outfits, take time on makeup, etc. If the same pattern holds in Frankfurt, I imagine accessorizing will happen more frequently and be less stressful.

4.) Finally, I am going to be gone for 2 years and I have no idea if I will be returning home after graduation. I don’t want to leave my jewelry at home because I don’t think I will wear it at school, then not have it when I go for interviews or start my career.

With the decision made to bring most of my jewelry collection, I then had the task of organizing it so that it would not only be compact and safe for travel but functional for everyday use.

After a lot of searching online for the perfect jewelry organizer, my mother kindly reminded me of the one I used way back in the day for rodeo queening. After some digging, I found this beauty (QVC circa 2005) which should serve my purposes well. Best of all, it was free!

The organizer rolled up.
The organizer unrolled.








Most of this organizer is self explanatory… There are a bunch of pouches in assorted sizes to keep jewelry contained and visible. There is one pouch with a ring holder and two big pouches at the bottom. There’s a little loop on the top where you could hang it on a wall or loop it over a clothes hanger if you wanted.

These big pouches would be great for large statement necklaces, but I thought of a better use for them as earring pouches. One of the things I liked most in all the organizers I found online was either a piece of cardboard or fabric with holes where earrings are stuck through. Since my organizer didn’t have such a feature, I thought how easy it would be to make them.

I measured out the shape of the pouch pockets and cut them out of thin cardboard; such that you would find on a cereal box. I covered it with scrap fabric using some spray adhesive that I had laying around, poked holes with a push pin and was good to go! The other bonus is that I got to poke my own holes so the earrings were able to fit on the cards in the best way possible.

My earring “card” finished but without earrings.
My earring holders filled with room to spare.

I suppose the last thing to mention is what all I actually packed in this sucker. I was able to fit:

  • 11 necklaces
  • 4 bracelets
  • 1 watch
  • 3 rings
  • 21 pairs of earrings
  • I will be adding a few pins to my earring card as well in hindsight.
All of my jewelry laid out.

Here is the finished product! Full to the brim with my jewelry but very organized. Since it’s already packed, I will be able to get ready with it all summer and find any flaws in my design. The final weight is .5 kg (less than one tenth of a pound) according to my luggage scale. This will be traveling in my carry-on just in case my checked luggage gets lost or rummaged through by TSA.

All finished with a bit of room to spare!

What do you think of my little DIY project?


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