Update – Please Read

Hello everyone,

I’m sure you all have noticed that this website isn’t being updated very often. I wanted to hop on and write a little note explaining that I haven’t dropped off the face of the planet, I’ve just changed my efforts to reflect what I find enjoyable as of late. I haven’t had a lot of motivation to write lately but I have been excited to create videos so if you’re looking to see what I’ve been up to, then head over to YouTube and subscribe so you don’t miss an upload. I’ve been aiming for a video every Sunday but slow internet has made that goal a bit dodgy at best.

I no longer post a photo every day on Instagram like I have been doing for years. I’m still posting but only as inspiration strikes. Instagram’s latest updates have all but killed anything that isn’t a Reel anyways so there’s been less incentive to post there in general. However, if you’re interested in keeping up with me on a day to day basis, Instagram is where it’s at.

My Facebook and Twitter pages have fallen into neglect and I’m debating whether to leave them up but abandoned or to just delete them entirely. If you have any thoughts or experience in that area, please comment because I’d love to know your opinion. That pretty much covers all social media except TikTok which I tried twice before the two accounts I tried to start got shadow banned for absolutely no reason. So while I’m on TikTok all the time, it’s rarely as a creator and I haven’t been linking it anywhere for people to follow.

This isn’t the end of the blog. I’ll still be on here for occasions where I need a place to journal or there’s a life update that needs more explanation than I want to put in a video. I mostly wanted to jump on here to let everyone know to check out my YouTube if they’ve been wondering where I am.

Until next time,


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