Lookin’ Classy, Feelin’ Sassy

Wow… I think I managed to reach an all time low. This post is a week late despite the fact that it was more than half written nearly two weeks ago. It almost takes effort to be this lazy! Regardless of its tardiness, let me share my week with you.

Student Parliament

This last week we had our annual student parliament. I think that it’s safe to say that there are mixed reactions among the group speakers with myself falling somewhere among the unopinionated/able-to-see-both-sides crowd.

On one hand, it feels like the group speakers keep giving the same critiques to the same handful of people during all these different meetings and nothing gets done. On the other hand, things are getting done, it’s just the smaller stuff and sometimes it’s not communicated back to the students that the problem is solved which results in a lack of a sense of accomplishment.

Besides the regular bureaucracy of higher education though, I have to say that I am extremely proud of my fellow group speakers. This last week, we took it upon ourselves to hold our own meeting to discuss how to proceed with a variety of problems. This was undoubtedly the most productive and respectful meeting that I have ever been a part of at FS. We really put our heads together to solve problems (often problems that had nothing to do with our own concentration) and even if the administration does not utilize our suggestions, we can feel good knowing that we put forth our best efforts.

Dressed for the Part

I finally got the time to go shopping for some business clothes. This was years overdue but I was having such a hard time finding cheep business clothes that looked nice and fit well. I think I found my dealer so-to-speak; the Montego brand from Peek & Cloppenburg. Their clothes look modern, fit me better than most, and most importantly, fit my limited student budget. I got a suit and a handful of nicer shirts and have an order placed online for more.

The goal is that these clothes will be for my summer internship but it’s looking less and less likely with every passing week that I will even get interviewed for anything. Oh well, I still have my job at FS over the summer. I can work full time during the break (doing a job I really do enjoy), rake in the cash, and take a little trip or two to make the most of my time in Europe. Maybe I’ll finally finish my psychology course or get started on my Masters thesis too.

Other than that, classes proceed as usual and the second half of this semester is flying by. It’s pretty relaxed in terms of academics which is fantastic since productivity levels tend to go downhill as the weather gets nicer. Anyways, that was my week. I’ll catch up with this last week here soon and then be back on track right in time for finals week. Till then, have a fantastic week.

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