Drones, Meetings & Shopping

Ok… last up on my catch up list, week four. The weeks have been progressively getting more and more interesting which is good for those of you reading but basically just means extra stress for me. Oh well, let’s jump into things.

Group Speaker Meeting

I guess the most important event from week four of the semester was our group speaker meeting. For those of you new to my blog, a group speaker is someone who collects the opinions of the Masters of Finance class of 2018 to relay beck to the program directors. They also act as the spokesperson for issues too urgent to wait until a speaker meeting such as an unfair test question or asking for extra tutorials before the exam.

Overall, the meeting went very well. You can see that the Frankfurt School is serious when they say the want to be in the top 5 business schools by 2020 and I think that they realize that tending to the needs of their current students will get them there.

Honestly, practically ever student has gone to at least one other university before FS and likely has strong opinions about it. If they are good then those are things FS should consider implementing, if they are bad, they should try to avoid doing the same. Overall, the students collectively have done more market research than FS could ever hope to do on its own and the only way to tap into it is by listening which they have done very well so far.

Spring Cleaning

On a less serious note. It is officially spring (the clock’s sprung forward and everything) which means it’s time for spring cleaning. Fortunately, as proved by my latest move into my New Flat, my entire life fits into three and a half suitcases. If I were to actually pick up and move to another country, I would get rid of my food and dishes, etc and be back down to two suitcases again. This makes spring cleaning pretty simple especially in terms of my (basically) capsule wardrobe. This also means that every piece I donate or that’s fallen apart is felt pretty strongly when it comes to getting ready in the morning.

After carefully making a list of what I actually needed to replace and mentally making note of how much and what fun stuff I was allowed to buy, I hit the shops. Overall I did a pretty good job and ended up buying:

  • a replacement pair of black jeans (the old ones got turned into a ripped up DIY)
  • a couple basic t shirts (one black to replace my old one & one muted teal color just for fun)
  • a t shirt dress (it has cats all over it! idk how much I’ll wear it but it was only €8)
  • a black cardigan (it’s been on my list forever & I finally found the perfect one)
  • a green & white stripped button up (it’s pretty casual but could also be worn as a dress shirt if I was desperate)
  • black EVA Madrid Birkenstocks (My favorite purchase so far. They’re trendy, comfortable and much cheeper than regular Birkenstocks. Plus, they’re so light and will be perfect for traveling.)
  • plain denim shorts (to replace my only pair that are 3 years old and dying fast)
  • black mirrored circular sunglasses (I’m obsessed with these and I actually didn’t bring a pair of black sunglasses when I moved)
  • Pink velvet tank (cute enough for a night out but modest enough for under a blazer)

I didn’t find everything but this was at least enough to get my wardrobe feeling functional again. I still need some sort of black or complementary to black outerwear (preferably a leather jacket), a pair of dressy heals, and more business clothes. I’ll keep my eyes open for them but I’m out of time to go shopping so I will probably do without until my next break in classes in May.

These are the new sunglasses I got… amazing right? IG.

Sidenote: I have been thinking about writing an updated Stylebook post since I’ve been using the app religiously for over a half a year. Let me know if you’d be interested.

Guessing You Already Noticed

Also, I thought that I would give a formal nod to my blog redesign. I had to switch themes because my old one didn’t support custom menus which I desperately needed to organize my 50+ blog posts. Even though I have been crazy busy, I couldn’t put it off any longer. Every post I made under the old system was one more post that I had to go through and retag and reformat. I’m really happy with the result and I think this new theme has a lot of room to grow with me. The home page might get redone several times in the future but the organization system in the background fits all of my needs for the foreseeable future.

Oh! I also keep forgetting to tell everyone that I bought my domain name! I finally decided that I could fork over the 3 bucks a month it costs to get rid of the wordpress name in my url. Not like I have been buying coffee all the time but if I had, I’d say that trading the price of one cup of coffee a month for the domain name was worth it.

Doesn’t feel too much like work…

A quick update since something interesting happened at work. My boss and I went to the new campus that FS is building to film some drone footage. It was my first time working with a drone and also my first time setting foot on the new campus. It was a nice escape from the office to dawn the hardhat and safety vest for a couple of hours. I’ll share the footage with you once it’s up.

That’s it for this week. I hope spring has come around in your neck of the woods and you can enjoy it for the .2 seconds it lasts before turning into a blistering summer. Until next time, peace out!

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