I Cheated on my Blog?!

Should I be writing introductions to these posts? I can’t decide. Oh well, until I become more decisive, check out my week. There’s some exciting news scattered throughout so read till the end.

I’m Famous! (not really)

So a while back I was contacted by Frankfurt School to write a piece for the FS Blog. It took me like 500 drafts and entirely too long but it’s finally out! The post has a couple hundred views and more likes than I receive in a month here so I guess its worth reading. Check it out here!

I already knew that writing these weekly updates is much easier for me than writing “topic posts.” The weekly updates are, by nature, very structured and pretty much just storytelling which I don’t find too difficult. It’s the topic posts that require a bit more creativity and thought to make nice.

Honestly I don’t really find any writing difficult; I’m fortunate enough to consider it something I’m naturally talented at. And when I say naturally talented, I mean it. I have an award with George W. Bush’s signature for some writing competition my preschool entered me in. I was so young that I have no clue what I wrote and don’t even member receiving the award but I have a photo somewhere as proof. I think that if my writing was getting awards from the president before my memory even really starts, it’s safe to consider writing a natural talent.

Anyways, like I said, there were about 500 drafts before we settled on the one that got published. One of my very first drafts is very different and pretty good (in my opinion) so I think I’ll revise it and post later in the week. The post is a very personal story on where I’m from and how I got to Germany. It includes a lot of internal monologues and overall I think it will be good to put down “in the books” here on my blog.

Playing Hooky

Aside from the blog post, not much else happened this week because I got a killer case of food poisoning. I ended up going to the doctor for a note and medicine. Fortunately, as of writing this, I think I’m in the clear but I did end up missing a week of work and 3 classes. Pretty stressed about trying to make all of that up somehow but I couldn’t really get out of bed so there was no avoiding it.

Preparing for the Future

Ok, I lied, one more small event happened this last week. The school hosted a mandatory study abroad information session which I drug my sick butt to. I’ve talked briefly about studying abroad in my final semester at FS before on my blog but basically it’s one of my biggest goals in the near future to do so. The experience will be invaluable and Frankfurt School simply does not offer electives that are interesting or beneficial to me. If I really want to push my Master of Finance education and get the most of my time and money, I need to search the globe for schools that offer the electives that I have in mind. Right now I think Bocconi University in Milan, Italy is at the top of my list (hello Neuroscience of Decision Making class! jk… maybe?).

Spring Break

The Financial Accounting and Advisory concentration somehow has an extra week after our first finals week and the beginnings of the second half of our semester which no one else seems to have. I guess I will call it spring break even though we don’t have an official one of those at FS. Of course I first need to ask for the time off of work but if they let me, I think I will be taking that week to explore Portugal!

I’m so excited! I already found my flights and know where I would like to go but as always, I like to leave the exact details up till the last minute because you just never know how you’ll feel the day of. I do know that the Azores are on the itinerary so sunbathing and horseback riding on the islands is definitely on the list. Come to think of it, if I do end up going, the Azores will be the first legitimate island I’ve ever been too.

Earth back to Heather! I need to stop daydreaming about sunny beaches and get back to work on not failing my classes this semester. For now I guess the sun shining through the library window will have to be enough. Hope you enjoyed this weekly update.

PS: If you have any tips or places to see in Portugal, leave me a comment!

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