Planning for Success (in Life and in Masters Thesis)

This week was also a bit boring although I think I have more to say than I did in Week #2.  My schedule for most of this semester is super busy. I go to work from 8 to noon every day. After lunch I either study until 5 (or later) or have class until 8 pm depending on what day it is. To top it off, I almost always have classes on Saturdays. By the time Sunday comes around, I am exhausted and have a giant pile of housework to do after being completely neglected for the week.

After seeing my schedule, I guess it comes as no surprise that I, 1.) haven’t been writing my blog posts on time and 2.) don’t have much to write about for them. It gets a bit repetitive writing about class and work all the time and it’s difficult to figure out what to write about besides those two things when that’s basically all that happened. However, it’s ten times worse trying to catch up than if I just bit the bullet and did it for the hour or so on Sunday that it takes. I’ve made a resolution to “just do it.” (Sorry nike, although I always associate that slogan with Shia LaBeouf.) Hopefully I can stick to it.

I do have a few small things to report on for this week so I guess I will stop rambling and get on with it.

Structured Success Management Seminar

Frankfurt School hosted a small event about success, networking and time management with three speakers who landed some pretty prestigious positions straight out of uni. It was interesting to hear their perspectives as to why they made it big at such young ages but overall I don’t think that their recipe for success was anything new.

I think that the US education system does a really good job at teaching students how to be successful. It’s just a bit ironic that that same system completely fails at actually equipping students with any sort of skills or knowledge to back up the quest for success.

Overall, I think I’m on track even if I can’t really see it. Throughout my life I have made one decision at a time, took chances when needed, and pushed myself beyond what I thought possible. Considering where I started, I think that my method has worked pretty well so far.

Masters Thesis

The other accomplishment for this week was basically figuring out my Masters Thesis a year early. I think I already mentioned in my Luxembourg post how amazing the Sustainability in Finance lecture was. Well, I ended up having a conversation via email with the professor who gave the lecture and came up with a great topic for my thesis.

Perhaps the topic isn’t super finance-y but that’s ok because I’m honestly not the most finance-y person in my program. I really stand behind my marketing/social psychology background and it has served me extremely well so far in life. With this in mind, I think my paper will have to do with corporate governance and sustainability finance.

I don’t want to give out exact details because it might change and also because there’s a chance that I might be the first to study the topic I have in mind. It would be pretty cool to make a significant contribution to the field for my thesis.

Anyways, that was the third week of my second semester of my Masters of Finance program at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. I think week four is a bit more exciting so keep your eyes out for it on Sunday!

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