No One Likes Group Projects but These are Alright

Oh man, you guys. I am so far behind on everything, it isn’t even funny. Let’s try to go back in time and write this post as if it was published on time.

When I go to write my weekly updates, I normally remember one or two things to write about and then I go through my calendar and photos to see if anything else happened. Well, for this week, nothing came to mind at first so I opened my photos and I didn’t take a single photo the whole week. I opened my calendar and the only events there were school and work. I guess that’s all I did for week 2?

Well then, I guess I have the chance to go back and address concerns from my Week #1 post.

Risk Management is still hard although it’s starting to get easier. What’s really strange is that I have actually already learned most of the concepts in class (up to this point) in my Advanced Financial Modeling course from Washington State University. The problem is that I never thought I would need to remember that class again so I am having to relearn it all which is frustrating to say the least.

My group projects are going well. I’m really not a fan of them and they usually require ten times more work than if you were doing the project on your own, but this semester’s group is one of the best I’ve ever been stuck with so it’s less shitty than normal.

Actually, while we’re on the topic of group projects, I just realized that I have never in my entire life done a business/marketing/finance/college-level project by myself.  I understand that we need to practice working in groups and what-not, but I think that it is equally detrimental to never have to do the whole thing yourself, stand up alone to present in front of the class, and take full responsibility of your own work. Yes in the real world we have to work in groups but in the real world we will also have to present by ourselves. In general, I think universities completely overshot the purpose of group work and lost the equilibrium.

Anyways, work has been good. Things have calmed down considerably and the new student assistant is all trained and off doing her own thing. I completed my first real video project about the Luxembourg Trip and shared that here on my blog. Turns out the Luxembourg Video was my 50th post here!

I think that is pretty decent considering I’ve only had my blog for half a year. I’ve been aiming for a blog post per week and have succeeded for the most part. I’m really pushing hard for an exciting summer internship and I have a gap week before that that I may travel a bit for. Next December I will likely be studying abroad and then after that will be my thesis and the launch of my career in finance. I think that it’s safe to say that this blog will have plenty of content for at least the next two years. I just hope that you all are enjoying following along.

Week three should be up shortly so that I can catch up as much as possible before next week’s insanity ensues.

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