“Hiking” in Bensheim, Party in Frankfurt

Look at me, all disciplined and what not. The fact that this post is on time is honestly probably more of a result of the exorbitant amount of free time I have had and the boringness of my classes so far.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were very lazy days. I did a bit of shopping and read by the river. I also began some DIY and sustainability-minded projects which I will be writing a post about. I started to reread my most favorite book ever, Demian by Herman Hesse (fitting since he’s a German/Swiss author). It has been so many years since I had last read the book that I couldn’t even explain to others why it was my favorite book, only that the greatness of the book is engrained in my memory.


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I also finally found a Game Stop that carried the new Pokémon Go Plus bracelet and shamelessly purchase it at the whopping price of €39.99. It’s awesome and I highly recommend making the purchase if you have the means. It makes egg hatching, stardust gathering, and supply collecting infinitely easier and those were the areas of the game which were keeping me from fully enjoying the original game concept.

Wednesday was pretty stressful. Just to remind you, Hump Day equals German classes here at the Frankfurt School. You all know that I had a bumpy start to my language course which I talked about in Week 1. To put it nicely, those problems finally came to fruition this week which resulted in me dropping my German class. Am I sad? Kinda, but also not really. I have had a troubled relationship with the German language (perhaps I’ll write a post on it) and so I am secretly glad to be rid of it, if only for a moment. I am sad about missing the opportunity to take a challenging language course for free and I genuinely liked my classmates and professors teaching style. I will likely sign up for another German course in another school but I will wait until next week to do so.

Speaking of waiting until next week, you all might want to know why that is. By the end of the first week in October, the administration will have officially approved all of our Module Waiver forms. Hopefully but the end of the next week I will be taken out of all of my classes and know exactly what the remainder semester will entail. This should allow me to know exactly how much time I will have to work, volunteer, travel, take language courses, and have fun.

Thursday and Friday consisted of an ungodly amount of Statistics with a single Foundations course thrown into the mix. Even though the classes are not very good, I have observed something truly wonderful within our program. I don’t know whether to attribute it to the people or to the outdoor campus we took part of in our orientation week, but everyone is very supportive of one another. If we hear of someone needing help, there is always someone there offering support. When someone demonstrates growth in a class, we applaud their accomplishments. While there will always be groups within any social setting, at the Frankfurt School, these groups have yet to become exclusive of others and seem to be ever fluid for people to come and go. You can have a foot in a handful of groups  without ever feeling that one foot is not enough to be appreciated and included.

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To conclude my third week at the Frankfurt School I went to visit my former host mom from Berlin at one of her children’s house in Bensheim. We did lots of walking/hiking and let me tell you, the area is beautiful. There’s a castle up on one of the hills that is definitely on my to do list now. Other than the scenery, it was fantastic getting to see a familiar face here and we had lots of catching up to do while looking over the valley from our perch on the mountainside and over cappuccinos in a quaint little café.

My friends know how to throw a mean house party.

After making the long train ride back home, I hopped in the shower and headed straight off to my friends flat for the house party of the century. As I said before, the level of camaraderie among my classmates is unreal and really shines through once everyone gets a little alcohol into their system. Some students from other programs joined us and agreed that the Masters of Finance is by far the most fun and friendly of any of the groups in the whole city of Frankfurt. Work hard, play hard, right?

So concludes week 3. I have about 3 subject posts in the works right now so keep an eye out for those next week; Wednesday perhaps.


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