The Dust has Settled

Well, I can see that a weekly Sunday posting format isn’t working very well. I’ll have to put some more thought into my schedules. This week’s update will be pretty simple since the mundane routine of classwork has started to settle in.

Everyone says Offenbach is such a horrible place to live but I think there’s charm to the city.

I had all five of my classes last week including the first class I’ve had yet for Macro Economics. It wasn’t too bad but it seemed that whoever makes the schedule has a sick sense of humor because we also had TWO statistics classes in a row on one day last week. We had a regular afternoon class (1-4:30 pm) followed by an evening class (4:45-8:30). Just in case you didn’t notice, there was only a 15 minute break between those two blocks. Simply put, it was torture.

The Alte Oper (Old Opera House) on Saturday night.

Now that the dust is well settled, the necessities have been purchased, and my living situation is relatively comfortable, I’ve begun to experience a bit of boredom. Frankfurt really doesn’t have much to do but I have not had enough consecutive days to leave and see something new. That will be changing in the near future. Still, a big group from our program went out and had a good time on Saturday night. Frankfurt has a decent party scene if you want to go out on the weekend.

That’s basically it. I had a very boring week last week. Here’s to week 3. I also have some other subject posts that I have in mind to write so keep your eyes out for those as well.

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