A New Flat for Christmas (oh, & a Party)

Just a quick update on the happenings of last week.

Christmas Party

The Frankfurt School held a party for all the different Masters programs last week which was pretty fun. There was great conversation and lots of gluhwein had by all. For those who don’t know, gluhwein is a wonderful spiced, warmed red wine drink typical of Christmas time in Germany.

Version 2
Channeling my inner fashion blogger for my “Outfit of the Day” Christmas party edition.

New Flat

My current contract at the Frankfurt School Boarding Houses expires on February 28th and apartment hunting in Frankfurt is a “survival of the fittest” type sport involving high amounts of stress and often impromptu and lengthy hotel stays. This reputation got me hunting for my new accommodation about a month ago (well before people were actually listing for February or March start dates) but ended surprisingly quickly when I found a great sublet arrangement.

The flat is in an older (although Frankfurt itself is a quite young city so even the old parts are not very old) part of town but still reasonably accessible to public transportation and the Frankfurt School. Once I can afford to get a bike I will be able to cut a huge loop out of the public transportation and meet it at a much more convenient location which will save a lot of time.

The flat itself is in great condition and even has it’s own washing machine. It currently has two girls and a guy living there but one of the girls is going to be studying abroad in Amsterdam for the upcoming semester so I will be subletting her room. She will be packing up all her belonging and putting them in the attic but has offered to leave her furniture for me. I offered to take care of her plants while she is away so the necessities and some decorations have already been take care of.

This will work out really well for me because I was planning on getting an internship abroad for the summer so having both a flat in Frankfurt and another wherever my internship is would be a redundant waste of money. True I will have to again pack my entire life into two suitcases but I think there is also a possibility that I can leave a small box and/or a bike with some friends here for fall semester.

Overall, I’m really excited to be moving out of the Boarding Houses (which we all know I didn’t have very good luck with) and into a flat I can more call my own. My new roommates seem very nice and I especially like the fact that the power actually seems to stay on.

A photo I found that catches the feel of the area. Credit here.

Well, next week is “Dead Week.” It’s not really called that here but given that the school gave us a week off before our exams, I’m going to stick to my old habits and call it Dead Week. The week after that is (obviously) Finals Week and Christmas where I will be hopping on an insanely early train and going to a friends house for the holiday. Wish me luck for finals and for safe (and cheep) travels!

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