Budgeting my Life (I Need a Job)

Week number twelve was a bit more laid back than usual but as always, here’s my weekly update.

Christmas Concert

Sunday evening some organization rented out our roof to organize a Christmas concert. I got dressed up and stayed for a bit but it was very cold and I could hear the concert just fine from my room so I went back to relax in my pajamas.

A photo I took of the Christmas tree in our lobby.

Residence Permit

I finally picked up my residence permit which means I have the official documents necessary to sign my contract for the job I just got (see last week for details). Things are moving forward and a good thing too because I am starting to feel a little tight for money.

A beautiful orange sunset in Hesse.


Obviously as a “wanderlust-y” type of person, I follow a lot of travels on a variety of social media. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I happened to win second prize of a giveaway one of them held.

Lindsay is a new channel but growing really quickly. I discovered her ‘$30 a day’ backpacking adventure series but she’s now doing travel how-to type videos that are super helpful and really well done. I mostly follow her YouTube channel but if blogs are more your thing I’ll link hers here as well.


What took up the majority of my time this week was FINALLY sitting down to create a budget. I was only 3 months late to the game but whatever, it’s done now. I’m super proud of it in-and-of-itself but the pièce de résistance is how I was able to utilize it to budget for the huge gift giving season.

A big chunk of my family has birthdays shortly after Christmas and since I will be out of town, I will need to ship their presents before then. Because it is WAY cheeper to send one big box instead of several smaller boxes and because of the whole economies of scale theory, I decided to shop for the entire year of birthdays this month.

I am SO excited about what I got everyone and I would love to share what I did and how I did it but I know that they read this blog and so I don’t want to give away the surprise. It’s also a huge relief to know I’m done with presents until Mother’s Day. Now, let’s just hope customs doesn’t tear it all to shreds.

Christmas is a beautiful time here in Germany.

There ya have it, week twelve in the books! Week 13 is going to be all studying, the last of my classes and a Christmas party, and week 14 is my last week of my first semester at the Frankfurt School. Wish me luck on my finals!

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