I Spent my Birthday in a Broke-Down Bus – and it was AMAZING

Really? Yes, really. And to top it off, I did it intentionally. You might think I’m crazy but let me explain: My birthday has fallen on a weekday for most of my life. That’s probably not too uncommon of an experience considering there are 5 weekdays and only 2 weekend days, but leap year has … More I Spent my Birthday in a Broke-Down Bus – and it was AMAZING

Quick Reminder

If you’re not subscribed to my YouTube channel then you’re missing half the fun! If it ever feels like I haven’t posted here in a while, it probably means I’ve been posting videos to MyWayofEverything on YouTube. This is especially true for last week where I didn’t have time to type out a blog post … More Quick Reminder

Garbage Sorting & Recycling in Germany

Germans are very proud of their Umweltfreundlichkeit (environmental friendliness). From recycling and car emissions to public transit and home appliances, there isn’t much that isn’t influenced but the German desire to live clean or save money (or both). It’s  commendable of the German government to effectively incentives its citizens and companies towards a more sustainable … More Garbage Sorting & Recycling in Germany