Setting the Groundwork to Live Life Fluidly

If you follow either my Instagram or Facebook then this photo might look familiar to you. If not, then I highly suggest you take a look because I’ve been stepping up my Insta-game lately. But right now, we’re going to dive a bit deeper into life’s great meaning as I somehow always end up doing in these photo challenges.

Parco Sempione

I think I have grown and become so much better about going with the flow and being flexible in life. This ability stems from my life strategy of always having backup plans and alternatives which I can trace back to community college when I pushed myself to earn a standard AA on top of my AA Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA).

While I was quite certain that business was the path I wanted to take, I decided a few more classes (mostly logging hours in the gym) wouldn’t hurt in order to establish a degree that would prevent me from having to start all over again if I wanted to do a completely different bachelors somewhere else in the country. The DTA degree was only valid in a handful of universities and only for business and so my plan to get both degrees was fueled by a desire to have really reliable and well thought-out backup plan. This way, I could live my life with less stress knowing that I would be able to adapt to whatever life throws at me.

I’ve practiced this in nearly every aspect of my life since then and at this point, the numerous layers of backup plans and alternatives I have built into my life allows me to confidently say that things will turn out fine no matter what. It doesn’t make me work any less and has nothing to do with my belief in my ability to accomplish my dreams. Instead, it actually allows me to concentrate on them even more and take larger risks knowing there’s a safety net that I have carefully created and reenforced along the way.

Do you guys have a similar method of living life? I’d love to know your thoughts on my philosophy as well as how yours is similar or different in the comment section.

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