My Weekend at Milano Design Week

Fuorisalone (or Design Week in English) is one of the biggest weeks of the year for Milan, possibly even bigger than Fashion Week and by far more accessible to the general public.  It lasts a whole week and is spread out all over the city.

It’s mostly for interior design, lighting and other housing materials but many of the companies get creative with their displays turning it also into a sort of art festival. Some of the fashion brands and city parks even get involved to put on some pretty spectacular displays.

I only took a few days to wander around and mostly kept to the neighborhood Brerra. I probably didn’t even see 10% of the entire festival and yet there are so many amazing photos and displays I want to show you. Definitely check out and follow my instagram where some of my best pics will be going up in the next couple of days. Otherwise, here’s a video so you can get a feel for Salone yourself!

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