A Mid-Semester Update

As I get ready to head off to Berlin for spring break, I thought now would be a good time to update you all on how my semester at Bocconi is going. Overall, things are going really well and I’m really enjoying Milan. If you just wanted the quick and dirty answer then there you have it, feel free to click away and move on with your life.

Competition Policy, Deregulations & Liberalization

If you guys read my first impressions post then you know that I wasn’t 100% sold on this class. I pretty much feel the same now as I did then. It’s a boring class and there’s no way to sugar coat it. The professor seems a bit tired and I can tell that only the hardcore economics students really listen or even come to class.

So far I’ve only missed one class which was an extra lecture he scheduled in order to get us up to the number of hours required for the amount of credits the class is listed as. This is significantly better than the majority of the other students; we’re suppose to have 30+ students in the class but only about 10 of us show up on a given day.

I still believe that the class is really helpful for analyzing the real world and for my career and I’m glad I have been exposed to the subject. I am a bit worried about the exam since I have no idea how much modeling will be in the exam and while I really do understand the concepts, I don’t have years of economics as a background like my fellow students.

Green Management & Corporate Responsibility

This class on the other hand is going great. It’s very interesting and impactful information delivered by very passionate professors and the many students attending all seem to be eager to learn and make a change in the world. We have just closed up the more lecture-style classes and will begin working case studies and other practical application-type things once we come back from spring break.

The big culmination project of this course is a consulting case with Accenture where we will take products and companies from various industries and suggest practical ways to implement what we’ve learned in class about sustainability. So far we have gotten assigned to our groups and industries; mine’s electric charging stations. It will be a challenging project but very interesting and rewarding for sure.

Speaking of spring break… I’m on it right now. As you are reading this I am probably en route to Berlin to be reunited with my best friend from Malaysia. Afterwards I think I will take a quick detour through Prague before coming back to Milan to get some work done. Things are really busy and I think I finally have enough traction to get started on my thesis if I could just find an advisor.

Lot’s to do and so little time to do any of it but I am going to take a breather, catch up with some friends and see some sights before diving back into all the work I’ve got. Stick around to see how Berlin and Prague go and let me know in the comments if you guys are dong anything fun for spring break (if you’ve got one).

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