Saying Goodbye to Frankfurt School; my Working Video Portfolio

After having already worked a fourth of my life, it has been so refreshing to finally be doing something I actually enjoy. Ever since I moved out at the age of 18, I have been working shitty retail jobs to get by. While I really value those experiences for what they taught me and for all of the diverse and wonderful people who came into my life, I am so glad that those days are behind me.

While my job at Frankfurt School may have only been a student assistant position, I was fortunate to be in a department with great people who taught me so much and who gave me the freedom to grow and make the position into something that I, the department and the university could be proud of.

I started work in January of 2017 and for the next two or three months, my job revolved solely around the massive website redesign and relaunch. I actually already had some website experience funnily enough from a game I played as a kid, Horseland (I know, so random right?) and from my experience here, setting up this blog. I was able to help the team get the website launched by their deadline and it has been so fulfilling to be able to head over to and see my work which will likely still be there for years to come.

But after the rush and chaos of launching the new website had settled down, it was time to start doing what I was hired to do, film and edit videos. This was a huge learning curve for me since I had never even held a huge, expensive DSLR camera before then (not that I told them that in my interview, haha) and my video editing experience was pretty much limited to Windows Movie Maker (a far cry from the ultra sophisticated  Premiere Pro I would be learning to use).

You can judge for yourself my work below, but I think that in the 9 months that I was making videos, I learned so much and grew a lot. The job challenged me in ways that made me feel empowered and the constant feedback from my boss and clients made me feel like, though there’s always room for improvement, the finished product was something we could all be proud of.

In the end, I think I was really able to step up to the plate in our department and be a contributing team member as opposed to a traditional students assistant. To me, these feeling are really supported by the fact that my position has now been converted to a full-time position within the department. I was able to have a tiny bit of insight to the hiring process and I feel very proud that my replacement is incredibly talented and will be able to do everything I had always dreamed of doing but never had the time as an assistant.

Overall, my experience working for Frankfurt School has been one I will treasure forever. I know that my experiences there will serve me well in the rest of my life. I made some great friendships with amazing and talented people and I honestly cannot thank them enough for all that they taught me. I really cannot express in words all that I feel leaving this job so I will just leave you all with my portfolio of work. You can watch it below or in this playlist.

  1. My very first video:

  1. MBA in International Healthcare Management – Dubai Module
  2. MBA in International Healthcare Management – London Module
  3. Bäume auf dem neuen Campus
  4. Prof. Ulf Moslener about the Global Trends in Renewable Energy Report
  5. This one has a special place in my heart and was so much fun to make. The MBA Athletic Tournament Intro Video.

    1. Concrete Jungle
    2. Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner zu dem neuen Blockchain Center an der Frankfurt School
    3. Bankfachklasse Award in der Frankfurt School
    4. Grigory Vilkov and Lorenzo Schönleber on the information options can reveal about the market
    5. House Cooling Party at Frankfurt School
    6. Prof. Jürgen Strohhecker on the Balanced Scorecard’s role in Strategy Implementation
    7. KreditSim: Rollenspiel zur Geschäftsprozessverbesserung in Banken
    8. Hinter den Kulissen: Küche und Catering am neuen Campus
    9. Prof. Tobias Berg on Bank Leverage and Capital Regulation
    10. Das Bienenprojekt bringt den FS Neubau zum Summen
    11. The BSc Introduction Week: Welcome to your new home!
    12. Get Involved at FS – Visit our Student Initiative Fair
    13. Prof. Gregory Wheeler on the Future of AI
    14. The First Bachelor Day on the New Campus!
    15. Neuer Campus Adickesallee
    16. An inside look at FS Economy & Politics
    17. Our Christmas card video. I had a really good time shooting this as well.

  1. The MBA Group Consulting Project – Bringing Theory into Practice
  2. Online Master Students visit FS for Winter Leadership Academy
  3. FS Buddy – Welcoming Exchange Students to their Life at Frankfurt School

(Plus many more internal videos that never made it to the YouTube channel.)

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