Waiting – A Weekly Photo Challenge 

I’ve been silently stalking the Weekly Photo Challenge by The Daily Post for quite some time and finally decided that today was the day to dip my feet in and give it a shot. This weeks prompt was “waiting” which is super relevant to my life right now.

The line for Marie's Bridge

First off, I will start by explaining my submission. This was the wait to get the fantastic view of Neuschwanstein Castle which I experienced last month when backpacking Germany. It took absolutely forever and this photo was taken towards the front of the line, but like most things, it was pretty worth it in hindsight.

But I’m waiting for a lot of things in life at the moment. As my parents would always say back in the day when I was horse showing, “Hurry up and wait!” I think that explains life pretty well actually. We’re in a hurry to get things done so that we can wait until it’s time to hurry again.

Right now I’m waiting for the end of October to get here so I can apply to my exchange program. I’m waiting every night for my mom to make her way to her porch where she gets enough internet to call me. I’m waiting for my program to be finished so I can begin my Master Thesis which I am both really excited for and simultaneously dreading. Most importantly, I’m waiting to find out where in the world I will be living in just 5 or so short months. I’m hoping for Italy but it could literally be anywhere in the world.

So there you have it; waiting. In case you were wondering, all of my photography and films are done using an iPhone SE. Also waiting for the day when I can splurge on a real camera. Haha!

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  1. Welcome to your first ever submission to WPC. You certainly have enough waiting to do 🙂 but it is exciting

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    1. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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