New Job!

So, in case you haven’t been reading my blogs recently, I’ll do a quick summary of what has been going on lately. I finished my first semester of my Masters of Finance program at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and promptly headed off on a trip through Germany for Christmas and New Years. I started in Bremen, then stayed in Berlin and finished off with a day trip through Kassel. Now I’m back home in Frankfurt and back to the old grind… except that it’s actually a new grind cause I’ve started my new job.

Yay, Money!

Unlike all my previous jobs (and there’s been quite a few), I never had a sit down with HR telling me what I can and cannot stare on social media. I guess it’s up to my discretion as to what I will share and I think I’ll err on the side of caution. 

I am now a student assistant for the marketing department at the Frankfurt School. In this position I will be building and maintaining the new Frankfurt School website as well as filming, editing and maintaining content for the school’s Youtube channel and other promotional videos. I know, I know; it has nothing to do with finance. It is however an extremely relevant skill to have on your resume and something that will hopefully benefit my blog and increase my chances at being able to be a travel blogger (in some form or another) in the future.

My office/cubicle. IG.

I interviewed and landed the job in early December but I knew then that my start date wouldn’t be until mid January. I started last Tuesday and basically had zero introduction or training period. Within hours I was working on the website and being trusted to make major corrections and revisions. It feels really nice to be trusted like that right off the bat. Because I started on Tuesday, I worked a 4/10 schedule to get my 40 hours in for the week. It has already been interesting to see how different working culture is here and I’ll probably write a full post about it in the future after I get some more first-hand experience.

Back to the Shelter

After sitting in front of a computer for 10+ hours everyday last week, I decided I needed to get outside and get some exercise. What better way to do that than a freezing cold walk to the animal shelter, cleaning up some poop, and playing with cute little bunnies. It was nice to be back since I think the last time I was able to visit was late October or early November.

Sweet kitty at the shelter. IG.

That was last week. Short and sweet, I know, but next week will be very exciting because I will be going to Italy for my birthday to visit a friend! I’ve never done anything even half as exciting for a birthday before (usually I’m in class) so this will be extra special.

That said, I will be returning on a Sunday and going straight back to work on Monday so the post about it might be late. You can always follow me directly on Twitter although I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet. I’ll share my recently converted (from personal to blogging) Instagram too since that is updated frequently.

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