Finals Week (but Mostly Christmas Markets and Parties)

The last week of my first semester in the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management has come to a close. Boy was it a busy one. Here’s what I did this past week.

Christmas Market in Darmstadt

I started the week taking a little break from studying for finals to visit my friend from Darmstadt. We exchanged presents at her house and she got me an adorable little wooden rocking horse figurine from her home town.

Shortly after, we hopped on the bus to do a few last minute errands and to enjoy the Christmas market one last time. The Darmstadt market is very different from the Frankfurt market. The Frankfurt market, even though it’s the largest in the area, is mostly the same food and drinks at all the booths. The Darmstadt market has a larger variety of food and also a good selection of presents.

The Christmas market in Darmstadt.

At the market I tried Gebackener Blumenkohl (which is basically deep fried cauliflower served with garlic sauce), hot raspberry wine, Swedish Gluhwein (hot red wine with spices, raisins and almonds), and candy bar crepes. There was so much good food and I had such a good time talking and laughing with an old friend; it was definitely a night to remember.

Final #2

After I got home from the market, it was officially crunch time for my last final, Macro and Monetary Economics. Unfortunately, I underestimated how much time it would take to study for the test but I still think I managed a decent grade. Fingers crossed!

After the last final, the atmosphere among the students completely changed. Everyone was just so relieved that the semester was over. A few friends and I went out for Thai food and talked for hours! It was so nice to have a social life again and to be able to have fun without worrying that we should be studying for something.

Taking notes with some hot cocoa.

Christmas Party

The same night as our last final, the school threw a Semester Closing party. The turn-out was pretty good especially considering that a lot of student had planes to catch right after their last final and were no longer in town. I ended up having to stay until the very end (and then some) because my subway didn’t start running until 5 am. Let’s just say that a lot of people partied a bit too hard and I feel sorry for whoever had to clean up after the festivities.

Christmas in Bremen

I had the day off after the party to sleep in and pack for my trip to Bremen. I ended up booking a train that was a really good deal but a pretty inconvenient time. I got up at 3 am on Christmas Eve to catch a train at 5 am. It was very early but totally worth it.

Waiting for my S-Bahn at 4 am.


I’ve decided that I will make the rest of Christmas it’s own post so this concludes my final week of my first semester at the Frankfurt School! I hope everyone had a very happy holiday and safe travels. I will post my Christmas adventures here soon!



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