Halloween in Germany? Yes it’s a thing!

I don’t know how the heck I’m still behind on blog posts! I thought that I had caught up until I realized that Halloween was two weeks ago instead of one. Oh well, here’s what happened regardless.


I know that Halloween is an American holiday and I had been told numerous times not to expect much from Germany that night. However, the amount of Halloween decor I saw in stores such as Woolworth during the month leading up to Halloween suggested otherwise.

I got invited to a house party for the night and realized at the last minute that I didn’t have a costume; not even clothing for an easy tourist or baby costume. On top of that, I wanted a costume that Germans would easily be able to reference so I didn’t have to explain myself all night. After a bit of frantic searches online I decided to put my makeup skills to good use and go as the Barfing Rainbows Snapchat filter. Here’s the photo below. You tell me if it looks anything like the real deal.

Original IG photo here!

Regardless of my skill or execution, the costume was a big hit. The party was good until we got noise complaints. After a bit of midnight wandering, I decided to call it an early night. Honestly, that’s the most I’ve done for Halloween in a long time as I usually end up sick this time of year. It was also pretty funny seeing all the Germans heads turn because not many people dressed up even though it seemed many people took advantage of the excuse to party. (The little kids actually were out trick-or-treating in force so I think Halloween has gained in popularity since many of my old professors were here last.)

Study Abroad Search

Even though we can’t study abroad until spring semester of 2018, the university is already inviting Masters students to the information nights where visiting college representative pitch their programs. I signed up to attend all of them because I have no idea where I want to study. So far we have seen presentations from Columbia (in the USA), James Cook (in Singapore), and a company called College Contact who can help us get into non-partner universities.

I’m glad the university has encouraged and enabled us to begin this search so early. Scholarship applications often have to be sent before you even apply to the university. The sooner I know where I’m going, the sooner I can write some kick-butt essays and hopefully save some money.

Bye, Bye Birdie

It had been some time since I last made my way over to the animal shelter but finally I got to see my sweet birdie again. He is looking so much better. He has tons of new blood feather growing in which were making him super itchy and all the more attention starved. I ended up spending about two hours in total with him Saturday. Most of the time we just sat in each others company and eventually he curled right up in the crook of my neck and took a nap.

My favorite boy taking a nap. IG

Unfortunately, just hours after I left he was adopted out. I say unfortunately for me though, not for him. I’m glad he has a new home that will hopefully love him and cuddle with him and teach him all sorts of new tricks (he’s very smart and eager to please) but I’m also very sad to lose my little buddy. He certainly is something special and will be dearly missed.

Ok, that’s it! I’m caught up now, at least for a couple of days. For now at least I’m super motivated with my blog so hopefully that will result in some new post for you guys!

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