So here’s the rundown…

This is my very first blog, and I’ll admit that I was a bit critical of my friends who had them.  My former opinion was that there could be nothing more narcissistic or stereotypically “millennial” than to have an entire website dedicated to your own life. Well, obviously those views have changed.

While doing research from my upcoming move across the planet, I ran across several blogs and how-to’s suggesting starting one so as to avoid having to individually keep every friend and family member up to date with the days activities and plans. While I do not have an overly large family that would make this task too labor intensive, I did find the notion appealing.

I also thought about the unique situation I am in and my natural tendencies to research everything heavily and make extremely well informed decisions on every aspect of my life. Why not let others have access to my own thought process? Perhaps they can gain some insights or find a better way to do something. I have the entire summer to prepare and make this move to the best of my ability which is a luxury not everyone gets.

By the end of August, hopefully you will have seen every aspect of my packing and preparation. Afterwards, you can see my reflections on what I would have done better. All the while I will be posting life updates and about all the new and exciting places I go. I aim to bring a good mix of adventure and information to this blog and through it you will see my way of doing everything.

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