6 Things you Might Forget to Pack for your Trip

We’ve all been there. Halfway to our exciting destination and the sinking feeling that you forgot something suddenly comes to an epiphany when you realize you left something super important at home. Even worse! You are in the middle of your trip, digging through your bag for something until you finally come to terms with … More 6 Things you Might Forget to Pack for your Trip

Preparing Prescriptions for Cross-Boarder Travel

Meds. Everybody’s got ’em. The problem is, every country regulates them differently. This creates the need for some serious planning and strategizing, which is why I thought the topic needed it’s own post aside from the references in My First Aid Kit and Travel Documents posts. How you plan greatly varies based on the duration and location of your visit. Being that … More Preparing Prescriptions for Cross-Boarder Travel