My Travel Makeup; A Product Breakdown and Tutorial

Who the heck wears a face full of makeup backpacking in 94°F/34°C heat?! *cough*cough*Munich* Obviously the answer is me… it’d be kinda weird if it wasn’t since it’s my blog, but whatever… let me explain. Actually, now that I think about it, it would be easier to “show” instead of “tell” so check out this video … More My Travel Makeup; A Product Breakdown and Tutorial

I’ve Moved! (again)

EDIT: It’s here! Hope you all enjoy! Well surprise, surprise. Another semester, another apartment. I already mentioned that I would be moving in Week #16 and Week #17 but for those not regularly following me, the last place I rented was a flatshare and I was only subletting from a gal who was studying abroad a semester. She’s … More I’ve Moved! (again)

Upgrade! New Flat

I got back from Italy Sunday evening (the week before last) and started straight back to work on Monday with a 40 hour work week. I was pretty tired that whole week and then I moved to a new apartment that next weekend which is my excuse as to why my last couple of posts are so … More Upgrade! New Flat

New Job!

So, in case you haven’t been reading my blogs recently, I’ll do a quick summary of what has been going on lately. I finished my first semester of my Masters of Finance program at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and promptly headed off on a trip through Germany for Christmas and New Years. … More New Job!