Week #15

Since I had no classes this last week, there was a lot more room for fun. Unfortunately, there was also a holiday on Thursday so I had to juggle hours around at work. That coupled with the event I had to work on Wednesday meant that I got hella hours clocked in last week. That’s … More Week #15

Week #14

Not much happened this last week which meant that I had plenty of time to get some little errands done and enjoy the sun. I also managed to get soaking wet during a surprise thunderstorm but I guess that’s the price we pay for spring/summer in Germany. 1 Class Down, 1 to Go Basically the … More Week #14

Week #13

Wow… I think I managed to reach an all time low. This post is a week late despite the fact that it was more than half written nearly two weeks ago. It almost takes effort to be this lazy! Regardless of its tardiness, let me share my week with you. Student Parliament This last week we … More Week #13

Week #12

Week 12 was pretty boring but for the spirit of consistency I will still make my weekly post (albeit a tad bit late). School I had my second class, M&A Accounting, finally (three weeks into the new semester). The class is pretty good and the professor is extremely nice and enthusiastic about this topic. The … More Week #12